Meryl Made

So, how does this work?

Free Consult

I will meet with you free-of charge for a 1-hour consult.  You and your family will fill out a quick online questionnaire detailing your food likes and dislikes, allergies or special diet requirements, and any other needs or preferences you might have regarding shopping, kitchen organization, and menu planning or frequency. 


I shop where you'd like me to shop: the farmer's market, grocery store, specialty store, or farm. Local, organic, on sale- I'll make sure whatever I'm purchasing is just how you like it.   As part of my shopping you are free to email or text me with any additional grocery items you'd like me to purchase the night before our cookdate.

Cooking, Clean up and Packaging

As part of our initial consult, we will discuss which cookdate timings work best for you.  For my current clients I am a keyholder and can come and go while they are at work.  Delicious food and groceries appear like magic for them when they get home!  But if you'd prefer to be home while I cook, we can do that too. 

When I am done cooking I will always leave your kitchen cleaner than when I got there.  At our initial consult we will also discuss portions and packaging.  If needed I can shop for the appropriate reusable containers so that your fridge stays neat and tidy.   I will leave everything clearly labeled, and a menu with reheating instructions.


Full-Service Meal Preparation and Meal-Planning.

Rates starting at $250/week plus groceries

Let's streamline your life.  I'll take care of the meal-planning, shopping, preparation, cooking, and clean-up.   All you have to do is enjoy!

Want to do some cooking yourself?  I can help by setting the menu, shopping for food, and prepping the ingredients- you'll be set up for success with recipes, instructions and helpful tips if needed.

If you require any of my additional services (see below), this can be worked into a regular cook date or scheduled separately.

I am comfortable with special diets including gluten-free; paleo/clean, vegan, vegetarian, FODMAP friendly and more.  



Crispy Shiitake Tacos with Pickled Jalepenos and Lime Crema

Crispy Shiitake Tacos with Pickled Jalepenos and Lime Crema



Please contact me to discuss rates

Whether it's an intimate dinner for two, or a big backyard BBQ, I will help you plan and organize all details and then create and serve a delicious meal.  I can help you plan beverage pairings and even coordinate decorations and music.  And of course, I'll help clean everything up at the end!

Kitchen Reorganization & Pantry Building

  Imagine every cabinet and drawer in your kitchen clean, organized, and stocked with everything you need to cook.  This is a service I can either work into regular cookdates at an hourly rate and help you achieve over time, or we can schedule an "all at once" cleaning, organizing and shopping extravaganza for a flat fee. (Quotes available after consult.)  1.5 hour consult for this service is free if you book me to do the work.  You are responsible for cost of any organizational supplies needed.

Once your kitchen is clean and organized it's time to build a pantry! Having all your essentials on hand will save you time and money.  If you are starting a new diet plan or cutting certain foods out of your life this service can be especially helpful to clean out and re-build your kitchen staples from the ground up.  I will work with you, either all at once or over time as we book cook dates, to make sure you always have what you need at hand

Cooking Classes (Private or Group)

Rates starting at $100/person, groceries included

This makes an amazing gift and is perfect for date nights, batchelorette parties, birthdays and more!  

If you like I can also help with wine, beer or cocktail parings to keep the party going! (You pay for alcohol costs.)

Learn a new skill, explore global cuisines or just share a fun night with friends chopping, slicing and dicing!